Let's Discover How to Achieve Your Bottom-Line Results, while Becoming a Leader Everyone Loves & Have The Time Freedom you always wanted!


How we help

We help leaders to Double Their Team Performance & Work Less Time by Becoming the Leader Their Team Can Die For!

Stage 1

Become the Authentic Leader the Team looks up to and follows.

Stage 2

Transforming Team Behaviors that create better harmony, co-operation and a positive team culture

Stage 3

Provide the care to the team that builds a Deep Trust in the leader & gets the teams to perform in an auto-mode

Top 10 Benefits Of

"Double Your Team Performance & Work Less Time by Becoming the Leader Your Team Can Die For!" Program

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The 10 Key Benefits

  • You know the leadership style to lead your team effectively
  • Your team works in complete harmony with each other
  • You know how to connect with your teams emotionally
  • The team is constantly motivated to achieve its goals
  • Your team performs day to day tasks voluntarily
  • Build a team that trusts you completely as their leader
  • Create undivided loyalty with your teams
  • Your team doubles its performance
  • The team works on an auto-mode
  • You can now work less time, and live the life you wanted

Meet Sindhuja

The Founder & CEO of Mpower, Sindhuja specializes in helping leaders master the art of increasing their team performances and achieving their organizational goals month on month by Becoming the leader their team can die for.

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Hear From a Few People We've Worked With

"Interacted with Sindhuja as a Coach. She was very patient, insightful and a great coach, if you seek pivotal decision-making. Wish her and her clients all the luck."

- Monisha Saberwal, Senior Program Manager, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore

"The coaching session I had with Sindhuja helped me to understand clearly about my next goal and that it was a possibility to achieve it within the next couple of years with a step-by-step plan that we chartered out. I am happy with what I got out of this session and am sure it will help me in accomplishing my life goals."

- Jacqueline Kapur, CEO, Ayesha Accessories

"Sindhuja was my coach and guided me through a super structured and highly transformational system. She was a thorough professional and at the same time displayed high levels of empathy and patience. She was there with the right nudges wherever I needed them. With her help, I was able to identify and simplify key aspects of my personality and she helped me incorporate some empowering routines and accountable systems to sustain the changes. I would highly recommend her to any working professional working in high growth and rapid change environments. I also wish her the very best in her journey of coaching and empowering people!."

- Sandeep Kumar, HR, Udaan

Case Study of a CEO

Here's one of the reasons, leaders need coaching in these difficult times...

When Mr. Rajeevsharan Kohli, the CEO of Jaipur Wax Museum, contacted us, he was interested in increasing the revenue of his facility as during the pandemic the sale had gone down. He also wanted to make it a well-known brand in India and overseas.

Watch this video to know more about his coaching journey with us and the feedback.